Tips to increase smartphone battery life.





Smartphone Battery


As we all know more Smartphones are releasing their latest models with powerful batteries. In the earlier days, the camera and to some extent the processor, were the primary focus or concern for the customers while choosing a smartphone. With the availability of high graphics games and videos, the Display and battery were added to the list. Spending more time on social media and playing movies/videos has put an immense load on the batteries. Smartphone manufacturers are rushing to make more capacity batteries and batteries have become one of the primary factors while buying a phone. Recent smartphones have Built-in Battery that lasts longer and are less bulky. The efficiency of Batteries over the years has increased many folds. Li-Ion batteries are the most common types of batteries used in a Smartphone. The other type is Lithium-Polymer Batteries. Since Lithium-ion batteries have a much larger capacity than Lithium-Polymer batteries, they are preferred in devices that have higher current requirements. Prices of  Lithium-Ion Batteries are more expensive than Lithium Polymer Batteries.

Factors affecting Battery life. How to Prolong it?


Firstly, one should know what are the factors that cause the quick depletion of a Smartphone Battery.   There is a popular belief that watching movies/videos are the main cause of quick battery drain. Yes, it is, but there are other factors affecting the battery which we can control. Let us check it out.


  • Unstable wi-fi Signal
  • Background Apps
  • Vibration Mode
  • High Screen Brightness
  • Power Saving Mode

Unstable wi-fi Signal 

A stable Wi-Fi signal is better for your battery than mobile data.  But in many places, you could experience an unstable or weak wi-fi signal. When your smartphone searches for a weak wi-fi signal, its battery drains quickly. If possible, DISABLE the wifi Signal and switch on mobile data in such areas.   If this happens at your home you may upgrade your Router.

Background Apps

It is better to disable those   Background Apps which you do not require. This definitely will prolong your Battery Life.


Vibration Mode

Use the vibration mode sparingly. The vibration mode exerts a high load on your Battery.


High  Screen Brightness 

Smartphone memory.


The screen brightness can be adjusted on your Smartphone. Unless there is any special requirement, always use 50 percent of the brightness. Always keep the screen brightness setting in Auto mode.


Power Saving Mode  


power saving mode of a smartphone


Most Smart Phone brands have an option called Battery Saving Mode. Once this option is switched on the phone works in a certain way as preset by the manufacturer and this prolongs the Battery life.   


Following the above guidelines will help you prolong your smartphone battery life.



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