Why Sony’s PlayStation 5 having shortage in India ?

Sony PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 had their ‘PS5 Pre Order India’ booking live in various online stores from 12:00 pm on 17th May 2021.  The Pre Order stocks were sold out within minutes. Thousands of PS5 enthusiasts were eagerly waiting for this day since February 2, 2021, the PS5 Launch date in India. . On that day,  stocks were sold out in 3 minutes flat.   The Demand supply ratio then was approximately 2000. Many PS5 fans in India since then were enquiring with Sony about the possible relaunch/restock. PS5 . The PS5 Price in India on Launch date was R. 49990/-

Sony Play Station 5


 . Sony PS5’s launch in India was originally planned for November 2020 but got delayed due to high demand in other places like the US and the Middle East. PS5’s US launch was on November 12th, 2020. Due to its high demand, many buyers got their devices from abroad especially the Middle East, since PS5s are easily available there. 

Why this shortage of PS5 in India?

The non availability of Sony PlayStation 5 could be attributed to the following reasons:

Covid Pandemic has slowed down the PS5 Production.

Due to Lockdown and other covid restrictions, the production deadlines went haywire. Now after the decline in covid cases, production is expected to pick up.

Bulk buying  and reselling

Bulk Buyers use Bots to order large numbers and they later resell at a higher price. Bots are special software that alerts the buyer as soon as the online stores stock up the products. This prevents regular customers from getting their piece.

Sony preferred to restock PS5 in other countries, where they launched it earlier.

PS5 was launched in the US and other countries in November 2020. The high demand from these countries forced sony to re supply to those places. thereby impacting the India Sales.


Sony Play Station 5


When will be the next supply of PS5 India?

No one knows. So far no official confirmation from Sony. With the decline in Covid cases, the production is expected to pick up which is good news for PS5’s Indian Buyers.


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