Is it worth to drill a hole on an Apple AirTag?

Apple AirTag

Apple AirTag is the Latest  Gadget from the US Tech giant which has taken the tech world by storm. This device helps in tracking your valuables by using an iPhone.  The AirTag needs to be fixed to your bag /backpack, With the use of an iPhone, it will guide you to the exact location where your bag/ valuables are kept.











To do the tracking one should have iOS 14.5 in your iPhone. Hence only iPhone 11 and subsequent higher models can be used.


How to fix the Apple AirTag to your Items


AirTag Accessories


AirTag comes with its Apple’s brand of accessories that can be used to attach it on backpacks, wallets, suitcases, etc. But the accessories cost quite a lot compared to the price of the AirTag. For example Apple’s AirTag Leather Key Ring costs around Rs. 3590/. Unlike other tags in the market,  which have predrilled holes, AirTag does not come with a predrilled hole. Because of that AirTags cannot be tagged with cheaper key chains or tags to the baggage/backpacks.

Is it worth drilling a hole on a AirTag?

According to iFixit, it is possible to drill a hole on the AirTag which will help you use your own key chain or Tags. Is it advisable to do so? I would say NO. There is every chance that one will damage the gadget, as the drilling has to be precise and the hole, very small. Even if you manage to save the AirTag from damage, you will be avoiding the warranty forever.

There are cheaper accessories (holding devices) from Spigen which costs around Rs. 1000/-. The quality is decent and the price worth it.

Finally, for Android users,  there is Tile,  a competitor for Apple’s AirTag, This can be used with Tile App, and comes  with a predrilled hole

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