Will Corona Virus spread through Mobile Phones?

Mobile Phones and Corona Virus

Most of the countries around the world are now grappling with the second wave of coronavirus. Reports say the second wave is far more dangerous and spreads faster. With a high number of Mobile Phones in use and the amount of time spent on Mobile Phones Let us check out whether  Mobile Phones will play the role of a  super spreader?




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Unlike Door Knobs, Lift Buttons, etc, Mobile phones are sanitized rarely by us. Still, there are no other devices/items that are constantly touched by human beings like mobile phones. Even Health care workers use Mobile Phones. People using smartphones, completely unaware of their surroundings, is a common sight in Hospital Reception areas, especially while waiting for Covid Vaccines, What If someone accidentally touches the chairs, armrests, etc. where there might be a presence of Virus?



Mobile Phone

If coronavirus spreads, as the experts say, through doorknobs, and other frequently touched objects, then definitely it can spread through mobile phones. But for some reason, we tend to believe that Mobile Phone is not a virus spreader. Although there is no concrete evidence to suggest that, it is strongly advised to exercise caution while using Mobile Phones. in public places.




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WHO studies show that this virus can survive a long time on plastic surfaces. One should take the following precautions while using Mobile Phones in Public Places

  • Avoid, If not possible minimize Mobile Phone usage in Public Places.
  • Always carry a pocket sanitizer and immediately disinfects the Mobile Phone after each usage. Don’t wait till you reach home.
  • A washable Mobile cover is a good accessory.

Let us not take any more chances!

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